Step by Step guide to build your posture

This article will teach you how to build posture using your senses, wherever you are.

Posture – habitual posture at rest and while moving

One of the components of the correction of poor posture is to follow it during the day. Next, we will consider the main problems with posture, as well as a step-by-step algorithm that allows you to quickly correct posture.

Main Problems with Posture

To understand how to build posture, you need to understand what problems may arise, this is especially important when we build it step by step – so that when correcting one part, it does not work to distort another.

1) Low back

Bad Posture - Low back- Sway back
The pelvis is pushed forward relative to the top of the body

2) Hunched shoulders

Bad posture - hunched shoulders
Shoulders a leaned forward

3) Pelvis back and ribs camber

Bad posture -pelvis back
The pelvis is set back, and the ribs bulge forward

4) Neck is pushed forward

Bad posture - Head tilted forward and down.
Head tilted forward and down.

Now, step by step, we build posture

  • 40 percent posture, gives the location of the weight, namely the projection of the weight of your body on the foot, in the first Step we move the body weight in the center of the foot.
Posture correction Weight in the center of foot
Weight in the center of foot
  • In the second step, we remove the failure in the lower back, imagine that an axis passes through your iliac bone, tuck it, not the position of the weight on the foot.
Posture correction tuck the iliac bone
tuck the iliac bone
  • In the third step, we collect the ribs, mentally divide the body into 5 parts: legs, pelvis, torso, chest, head, and now we put the torso exactly above the pelvis.
  • The fourth step is the shoulders, it consists of two parts. First, we stretch the chest from the solar plexus to the clavicular joint. Then we weld the humerus and rotate both arms.
streching chest
streching chest
Arm rotation
Arm rotation
  • We turn to the neck – this is the fifth step. We straighten the neck, very calmly, the main task is to wait for the relaxation of the trapezius muscle, the feeling is like your shoulder blades are pressing down.
trapezius muscle
trapezius muscle
  • The last step is to straighten the blades. We remove the hand behind the back and brush away the shoulder blade. Repeat with the second shoulder blade.
remove "chicken wings"
remove “chicken wings”

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